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The difference between traditional printing and digital printing? 



 Digital printed packaging bags are also called digital quick printing, short-run printing, and digital printing.

It is a new printing technology that uses a prepress system to directly transmit graphic and text information through the network to a digital printing press to print color prints.

The main thing is design----review----printing----finished product.

Traditional printing requires design----review----production----printing----proofing----inspection----printing----printing----finished product Waiting for steps, the production period is long, and the time is longer than digital printing.

Compared with traditional printing, digital printing eliminates the need for cumbersome processes such as film, imposition and printing, and has absolute advantages in small-volume printing and urgent items.

All electronic documents generated by typesetting, design software and office application software can be directly output to digital printing machines.

Compared with traditional printing, digital printing is fully digitized and provides a more flexible printing method. You can print as much as you need, without the need to prepare inventory, and the delivery cycle is also fast. You can also print while changing.

This flexible and fast printing method enhances customers' advantages in a competitive environment where every second counts.

Compared with traditional printing, digital printing does not require a minimum print volume. You can enjoy high-quality prints without a "minimum print volume". One copy is enough.

Especially during product trial runs, the cost of proofing is low and there is no need to prepare inventory.

Post time: Sep-07-2023