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YPAK VISION: We strive to become one of the top suppliers of coffee and tea packaging bags industry.By strictly provide high product quality and service, we build a long-term strategic partnership with our customers. We aim to establish a harmony community of job, profit, career and desstiny to our staff. At last, we take the social responsibilities by supporting poor students to complete their studies and let knowledge change their lives.


Team Building

We regularly organize training and seminars to improve the skills of our team members and create better products and services. Team building is key to our success.
Through a variety of team activities and collaborative projects, we foster a positive and cohesive work environment where everyone feels valued and supported.
Our focus is on developing strong communication, problem-solving and leadership skills, as well as fostering a culture of innovation and continuous learning.
We believe that by investing in the growth and development of our teams, we can achieve greater success together.


Team Building

This is a grand event that allows us to relax and strengthen team cohesion. The purpose of this sports meeting is to let every employee feel the strength and vitality of the team through competition and cooperation. This themed sports meeting will adopt a variety of events, including relay races, badminton games, basketball games and other interesting team sports. Whether it is a sports enthusiast who is physically active or an audience friend who loves to watch the game, you can find your own way to enjoy it. The theme of the sports meeting will be "Unite as one, create brilliance together" as the main line. We hope that through mutual cooperation, mutual support and encouragement in the competition, every member can experience the power of cooperation and stimulate the potential of the team.

Our team answers questions for each customer. If necessary, we can communicate face-to-face about product issues and requirements through video.

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Sam Luo/CEO

If couldn’t live the life longer, then live it wider!

As someone who is passionate and determined to excel in the business world, I have achieved extraordinary milestones in my career. Obtaining a degree in Business English and doing an MBA further enhanced my knowledge and skills in this field. I have a strong background with Maja International as a Purchasing Manager for 10 years and then as an International Purchasing Director at Seldat for 3 years, gaining valuable experience and expertise in the field of procurement and supply chain management.

One of my greatest achievements came in 2015 when I created the YPAK coffee packaging. Recognizing the coffee industry's growing need for specialized packaging solutions, I took the initiative to form a company that provides high-quality packaging products tailored to the unique needs of coffee producers. It is a challenging business, but with careful planning, a sound business strategy and a team of skilled professionals, YPAK has grown from strength to strength and has become a prestigious brand in the industry.

In addition to my professional accomplishments, I am an advocate for giving back to the community. I am active in various activities supporting causes focused on education and empowerment. I strongly believe that successful individuals have a responsibility to create positive change and make a difference in the lives of others.

All in all, my journey in the business world has definitely been a rewarding experience. From my business English and MBA education background to my roles as Sourcing Manager and Director of International Purchasing, every step has contributed to my growth as a successful business professional. By founding YPAK coffee packaging, I realized my entrepreneurial desire. Looking ahead, I will remain committed to meeting new challenges, pursuing continuous learning, and making a positive impact in business and society.

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Jack Shang/Engineering Supervisor

Every production line is like my child.

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Yanni Yao/Operations Director

It is my happiest thing to let you have the unique and high quality bags!

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Yanny Luo/Design Manager

People design for life, design exists for life.

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Lamphere Liang/Design Manager

Perfection in packaging, brewing success in every sip.

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Penny Chen/Sales Manager

It is my happiest thing to let you have the unique and high quality bags!

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Camolox Zhu/Sales Manager

Perfection in packaging, brewing success in every sip.

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Tee Lin/Sales Manager

Provide excellent quality and service.

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Micheal Zhong/Sales Manager

Embark on a coffee journey, starting from the bag.