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Can bagged water become a new form of packaged water?

As a rising star in the packaged drinking water industry, bagged water has developed rapidly in the past two years.
Facing the ever-expanding market demand, more and more companies are eager to try, hoping to find new ways to achieve transformation and upgrading in the highly competitive packaged water market through "packed water".

一、What is the market prospect of bagged water?

Compared with other packaging containers, bag packaging is considered to be the most widely applicable form of packaging. Products packaged in bags are very convenient for shoppers and are suitable for popular scenes such as camping, parties, picnics, etc.!

People in the food retail industry believe that most products packaged in bags have novel and excellent brand images and are very convenient to use. If a water nozzle is added, the bag packaging can be repeatedly sealed to collect water. The bag packaging is an ideal packaging for drinking water, beverages, dairy products and other liquid foods.


As of 2022, according to statistics from Bagged Water Home, there will be more than 1,000 production companies in the bagged water market. According to analysis by industry professionals, by 2025, the number of industry players may exceed 2,000. The growth rate of investment in bagged water production in the future At least more than 80%. At present, the main production companies are concentrated in East China. From the current consumer markets in Shanghai, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Sichuan, Guangzhou and other regions, it can be seen that bagged water is gradually being chosen by families who are conscious of healthy drinking water to replace bottled water.

二、Which brands sell packaged water?


Regarding this new form of bagged water, consumers have praised it for its novel format, eye-catching appearance, good appearance and easy folding. In recent years, with the changes in entertainment consumption concepts, large-scale venue events such as concerts, music festivals and sports events have become new choices for mass consumption. However, due to safety concerns, organizers usually prohibit spectators from bringing bottled drinks into the venues, and the development of bagged water can accurately capture the new consumer demand in this scenario!

In general, as consumers pursue drinking water quality and become more health-conscious, bagged water is expected to continue to maintain strong growth momentum in the future!

Post time: Oct-25-2023