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Can coffee packaging only remain the same??

Today, the world is drinking coffee, and the competition among coffee brands is becoming increasingly fierce. How to seize the market share? Packaging can show the brand image to consumers in the most intuitive way.

With the growth of the market, YPAK has also made breakthroughs in packaging. It is a great progress in the industry to make a variety of special processes on one packaging bag.




1. Hot stamping + window

The brand is highlighted in the entire packaging by using hot stamping, and the design of the window allows consumers to clearly observe the situation of the internal products. This is a more popular choice in the market.




2. Hot stamping + UV

In addition to the traditional gold hot stamping, we also have a variety of hot stamping colors to choose from, such as black hot stamping, and add a layer of UV on the basis of hot stamping. This textured and unique coffee bag can be seen at a glance in the market.





Middle Eastern customers like this type of packaging very much. The low-key and simple color plus the unique rough matte finish can also see the freshness of the coffee beans inside.





4. recyclable + rough matte finish

For customers in regions that follow sustainable development, YPAK recommends using RECYCLABLE materials, coupled with a unique rough matte finish, which is sustainable while retaining brand characteristics.




5. compostable + UV

For customers who like the feel of kraft paper and need sustainable packaging, YPAK launches compostable coffee packaging, in which UV is the most classic process combination. European customers often choose this.





6. UV+ card insertion

This is the latest packaging technology developed by YPAK. It uses UV technology on very fine lines and can also open a hole for inserting a card on the bag. You can put your brand's promotional business card on it, which is at the forefront of the coffee industry and strengthens the brand's image.



We are a manufacturer specializing in producing the coffee packaging bags for over 20 years. We have become one of the largest coffee bag manufacturers in China.  

We use the best quality WIPF valves from Swiss to keep your coffee fresh.

We have developed the eco-friendly bags, such as the compostable bags and recyclable bags.  They are the best options of replacing the conventional plastic bags.

Attached our catalogue, please send us the bag type, material, size and quantity you need. So we can quote you.


Post time: May-11-2024