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Choice of coffee container




The container for coffee beans can be self-supporting bags, flat bottom bags, accordion bags, sealed cans or one-way valve cans.




Stand Up Pouch Bags: also known as Doypack or standing bags, are the most traditional form of packaging. They are soft packaging bags with a horizontal support structure at the bottom. They can stand on their own without any support structure and remain upright whether the bag is opened or not. Stand Up Pouch bags are designed to be easy to carry and use because they can be easily put into backpacks or pockets, and the volume can be reduced as the contents decrease.



Flat-bottom bags: Flat-bottom bags are also called square bags, which are innovative soft packaging bags. Flat-bottom bags or square bags have the following characteristics: There are five printing layouts in total, front, back, left and right sides and bottom. The bottom is completely different from traditional upright bags, self-supporting bags or standing bags. The difference is that the zipper of the flat-bottom bag can be selected from the side zipper or the top zipper. The bottom is very flat and does not have any heat-sealed edges, so that the text or pattern is displayed flatly; so that product manufacturers or designers have enough space to play and describe the product.



Side Gusset Bags: Side Gusset Bags is a special packaging material. Its structural feature is that the two sides of the flat bag are folded into the bag body, so that the bag with an oval opening is changed into a rectangular opening.

After folding, the edges of the two sides of the bag are like vent blades, but they are closed. This design gives the Side Gusset Bags a unique appearance and functionality. The bag can be made into a resealable bag by adding a tintie zipper

Side Gusset Bags are usually made of PE or other materials and are widely used in food, medicine, chemical and other industries for product packaging and protection. They are also suitable for a variety of different application ranges, including for packaging items, which can effectively protect items from damage and contamination.




Sealed Cans: Sealed Cans have good sealing properties, can effectively isolate external oxygen, moisture and odors, reduce the oxidation rate of coffee beans, maintain their freshness and taste, and most are made of sealed materials such as stainless steel and glass, which are easy to clean and moisture-proof, but opening and closing may bring the possibility of oxidation, so it is not suitable to open frequently.





One-way valve tank: One-way valve tank can discharge carbon dioxide and oxygen produced by coffee beans, reducing the quality degradation caused by oxidation, and is suitable for coffee beans with strong acidity. However, this type of tank may only be suitable for specific types of coffee beans or coffee powder.


We are a manufacturer specializing in producing the coffee packaging bags for over 20 years. We have become one of the largest coffee bag manufacturers in China.  

We use the best quality WIPF valves from Swiss to keep your coffee fresh.

We have developed the eco-friendly bags, such as the compostable bags and recyclable bags.  They are the best options of replacing the conventional plastic bags.

Attached our catalogue, please send us the bag type, material, size and quantity you need. So we can quote you.


Post time: Apr-30-2024