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How to get free samples of YPAK PACKAGING?!




YPAK often receives inquiries from everyone in the background: How can I get samples? How much does the sample cost? Can you give me some samples for free for measurement?

YPAK has been looking for the best solution to these problems, and now a brand new solution has emerged.





YPAK has produced a batch of Flat bottom coffee bags made of Recyclable materials/PE materials, all of which use the best WIPF air valves, and add tintie. The PE material coffee bag also uses the exposed aluminum process.




For the popular filter kits on the market, YPAK also produces a set of kits, among which the box is currently the most popular size that can hold 10 bags of filters. We use two designs for the flat pouch, both of which add the exposed aluminum process. Even for tiny details, YPAK's technology can well restore the special process.





In addition to coffee bean packaging, the highest consumption in the coffee industry is definitely disposable paper cups. YPAK has produced a batch of double wall paper cups with gold-stamped LOGO under its own brand, and the quality is definitely the best in the market.



In addition, we also produce handbags, which are also very popular in gift/coffee shops.

You can measure the size/watch the craftsmanship/check the quality of YPAK's products, and avoid leaking our other customers' products, maintaining our confidentiality agreement.

YPAK will solve the most concerned issues. The production costs of these products are paid by YPAK. If you need samples, please contact us and we will provide you with the samples you need for free.


Post time: Jun-28-2024