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How to solve the problem of carrying tea




Nowadays, young people's preferences have changed from cold drinks to coffee and now tea, and tea culture is becoming younger. Traditional tea is generally packed in 250g, 500g, or 1kg bags, which is too big and heavy for young people to carry in their bags for daily drinking. In the camping activities that have emerged in 2019, the pursuit of light travel and sufficient atmosphere, this conventional packaging is obviously no longer applicable. As a professional packaging manufacturer, let's hear what YPAK recommends!




Like the drip coffee filter, tea can also be made into a single serving that is easy to carry and brew. The tea filter bag appeared. The shape and brewing method of the coffee filter we are familiar with are not suitable for tea. Tea needs to be in full contact with water for a long time to have a cup of mellow tea. As a result, the triangular tea bag appeared on the market.

The first tea filter was made of nylon + paper label, which met people's current requirements for portability.




However, with the strict requirements of the Environmental Protection Law, people realized the importance of sustainability, and the nylon tea filter bag was no longer applicable to the market. YPAK pursues technological advancement in materials and found that compostable tea filter bags made of PLA can better meet the current market demand. So our customers have a better choice.





With tea filter bags, how to make the filter clean and hygienic to carry at any time is another problem. Based on coffee filter, YPAK recommends customers to use flat pouch for packaging, and the brand printing can also be perfectly reflected.




With filters and flat pouches, how to sell more products? YPAK designed a TEA SET solution for customers. It consists of filter+flat pouch+bags+box, which is a portable home version.




We are a manufacturer specializing in producing the food packaging bags for over 20 years. We have become one of the largest food bag manufacturers in China.  

We use the best quality Plaloc brand zipper from Japan to keep your food fresh.

We have developed the eco-friendly bags, such as the compostable bags and recyclable bags.  They are the best options of replacing the conventional plastic bags.

Attached our catalogue, please send us the bag type, material, size and quantity you need. So we can quote you.

Post time: Jun-14-2024