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Is kraft paper biodegradable?




Before discussing this issue, YPAK will first give you some information about the different combinations of kraft paper packaging bags. Kraft paper bags with the same appearance may also have different internal materials, thus affecting the properties of the packaging.





1.MOPP/White Kraft Paper/VMPET/PE
The packaging bag made of this material combination has the following features:Paper Look With High Quality Printing.The packaging of this material is more colorful, but the kraft paper packaging bags made of this material are non-degradable and not sustainable.




2.Brown Kraft Paper/VMPET/PE
This kraft paper packaging bag is printed directly on the surface brown kraft paper. The packaging color printed directly on the paper is more classic and natural.





3.White Kraft Paper/PLA
This type of kraft paper bag is also printed directly on the surface white kraft paper, with classic and natural colors. Because PLA is used inside, it has the texture of retro kraft paper while also having the sustainable properties of compostability/degradability.




4.Brown Kraft Paper/PLA/PLA
This type of kraft paper bag is printed directly on the surface kraft paper, perfectly reflecting the retro texture. The inner layer uses double-layer PLA, which does not affect the sustainable properties of compostability/degradability, and the packaging is thicker and tougher.




5.Rice Paper/PET/PE
Traditional kraft paper bags on the market are similar. How to provide our customers with more unique packaging has always been the goal of YPAK. Therefore, we have developed a new material combination, Rice Paper/PET/PE. Rice Paper and kraft paper both have the texture of paper, but the difference is that rice paper has a layer of fiber. We often recommend it to customers who pursue texture in paper packaging. This is also a new breakthrough in traditional paper packaging. It is worth noting that the material combination of Rice Paper/PET/PE is not compostable/degradable.


In summary, the key to determining the sustainability of kraft paper packaging bags is the material structure of the entire packaging. Kraft paper is only one layer of material.

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Post time: May-31-2024