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Research shows that 70% of consumers choose coffee products based solely on packaging




According to the latest research, European coffee consumers prioritize taste, aroma, brand and price when choosing to buy pre-packaged coffee products. 70% of respondents believe that brand trust is "very important" in their purchase decisions. In addition, package size and convenience are also important factors.


Packaging functions affect repurchase decisions

Nearly 70% of shoppers choose coffee based on packaging alone at least sometimes. The study found that packaging is particularly important for people aged 18-34.

Convenience is crucial, as 50% of respondents consider it a key function, and 33% of consumers say they will not repurchase if the packaging is not easy to use. In terms of packaging functions, consumers consider "easy to open and reclose" to be the second most attractive after "preserving coffee aroma".

To help consumers identify these convenient functions, brands can highlight packaging functions through clear packaging graphics and information. This is especially important because 33% of consumers say they will not repurchase the same bag if it is not convenient to use.




Due to the current consumer's pursuit of portability, the quality of coffee needs to be taken into account at the same time. The YPAK team researched and launched the latest 20G small coffee bag.

When most of the flat bottom coffee bags on the market were still 100g-1kg, YPAK reduced the flat bottom bag from the original smallest 100g to 20g in proportion to meet customer needs, which was a new challenge for the die-cutting accuracy of the machine.





First, we made a batch of stock bags, which are suitable for customers with relatively small needs and low budgets, and can freely purchase coffee bags in small batches. In order to meet brand needs, we provide customized UV sticker services, which is the closest option to customized bags on the current market.



For customers with customized needs, YPAK has focused on the customized market for 20 years, designing and printing on 20G flat bottom bags, which is also a challenge for overprinting technology. I believe YPAK will give you a satisfactory answer.

With the current development of the coffee market, each cup of coffee has increased from 12G coffee beans to 18-20G. One bag for one cup, which is also an important factor in the 20G coffee bag to meet market demand.



Focus on sustainable development

European coffee consumers emphasize the importance of more sustainable packaging, and 44% of consumers affirm its positive impact on repurchase decisions. 18-34 year olds are particularly attentive, with 46% prioritising social and environmental factors.

One in five consumers said they would stop buying a coffee brand that was perceived to be unsustainable, and 35% said they would be put off by excessive packaging.

The research also revealed that consumers prioritise less plasticand recyclableclaims in coffee packaging. Notably, 73% of UK respondents ranked recyclabilityas the most important claim.



We are a manufacturer specializing in producing the coffee packaging bags for over 20 years. We have become one of the largest coffee bag manufacturers in China.  

We use the best quality WIPF valves from Swiss to keep your coffee fresh.

We have developed the eco-friendly bags, such as the compostable bags and recyclable bags.  They are the best options of replacing the conventional plastic bags.

Attached our catalogue, please send us the bag type, material, size and quantity you need. So we can quote you.


Post time: Jun-07-2024