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Saudi Arabia and Dubai have successively introduced environmental protection solutions


At the beginning of the year, Dubai and Saudi Arabia successively announced new environmental protection plans. For example, Dubai announced that from January 1, 2024, one -time daily necessities have been gradually forbidden. By 2026, Dubai will completely cancel cotton swabs, plastic food containers, disposable tablecloths, and so on. If someone violates the rules, a fine of 200 Dram is about US$30. For another example, Saudi Arabia has recently announced that the recycling and utilization rate of domestic garbage has been increased from the current 3%-4% to 95%. It is said that this can create nearly $ 32 billion GDP and 100,000 employment opportunities for Saudi Arabia.

At YPAK, we have been working with the sustainable materials for food and coffee packaging bags for many years, such as compostable coffee bags and recyclable coffee bags. Our products have been sold in EU, AUS and the US and won a very good reputation in the market.

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Post time: Feb-02-2024