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Why is the butterfly valve double bottom aluminum foil packaging bag called bag-in-box?

Double-insert bottom aluminum foil packaging bags/bags in boxes use aluminum foil as the main component. In order to improve the performance of the plastic, various auxiliary materials are added to the polymer to meet people's various requirements for plastics, such as fillers and plasticizers. , lubricants, stabilizers, colorants, etc., to become plastics with good performance.

Double-insert bottom aluminum foil packaging bags/bags in boxes are generally made of synthetic aluminum foil as the main material. The bottom is named after the double-insert bottom. It unfolds like a carton. The length, width and height can be different, depending on the size of the product to be packaged. "Tailor-made".




Double-insulated aluminum foil packaging bags/bags in boxes generally have three sides, front and back, and double-insulated bottoms. The most prominent thing is that a butterfly valve will be designed, like a faucet. Can be well packaged and used in the box.

The unique structure of the double bottom aluminum foil packaging bag/bag-in-box, this kind of bag not only takes into account the packaging meaning of traditional plastic bags, but also fully expands new packaging ideas, so it is now widely used for liquids, such as red wine and drinking water. It plays an important role as a tool for packaging and transportation.

Because butterfly valve double-insert bottom aluminum foil packaging bags are generally used together with boxes, they are also called bag-in-box.


The industries where this kind of double bottom aluminum foil packaging bag/bag-in-box are widely used include:

Food: mineral water, edible oil, fruit juice drinks, beer, soy sauce, hot pot soup, milk, red wine, white wine, wine, rice wine, fruit vinegar, juice puree, seasonings, bean paste, etc.


Agricultural and industrial categories: liquid fertilizers, pesticides, vehicle urea, lubricants, latex primers, antifreeze, glass water, wall paint, coatings, alcohol, toner, ink, plant spray powder, cleaning agents, etc.


Daily necessities chemicals: laundry detergent, shower gel, hair perm, hair dye, detergent, shampoo, conditioner, facial mask mud, hand soap, washing powder, hair softener, fragrance, stain remover, etc.

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Post time: Dec-20-2023