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Australia Economic downturn turns to instant coffee consumption



As more Australians find themselves facing increasing cost of living pressures, many are cutting back on expenses such as dining out or drinking in pubs and bars, according to a report by a local consulting firm.

However, coffee consumption has elastic demand for Australians. That is, after they cannot afford coffee from cafes, they will choose the next best thing and choose more cost-effective coffee products, such as instant coffee, to obtain caffeine.




According to the Australian Coffee Traders Association, a cup of coffee sells for an average of US$5 in Australia. As harsh weather conditions in coffee-growing areas keep coffee bean prices high, cafe costs will only increase and it will be difficult to go below that price in the future. price. But for Australians facing increasingly dire financial circumstances, cafe coffee prices no longer seem so economical.

YPAK believes that what happened in Australia may be common in European and American countries. With the economic downturn in these countries in recent years and the reduction of consumers' disposable income, their coffee consumption will not significantly decrease, but they will choose instant coffee, thus pushing up the demand for Robusta coffee in recent years.



What follows is the problem of carrying instant coffee. As people pursue the convenience and speed of coffee, traditional cans can no longer satisfy the existing market.

YPAK recommends using our three-side seal. Each bag is equivalent to a cup of coffee. Three-side sealing is suitable for instant coffee powder and drip coffee filter. There is no need to carry a bottle or control the amount of powder. It is truly easy to carry, simple and fast.




We are a manufacturer specializing in producing the coffee packaging bags for over 20 years. We have become one of the largest coffee bag manufacturers in China.  

We use the best quality WIPF valves from Swiss to keep your coffee fresh.

We have developed the eco-friendly bags, such as the compostable bags and recyclable bags.  They are the best options of replacing the conventional plastic bags.

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Post time: May-17-2024