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Tips on purchasing tea aluminum foil vacuum packaging bags





Tea packaging bags are used to package tea according to customer needs to better preserve the tea and achieve the purpose of promoting the sales of tea products. The tea packaging bags we call here refer to plastic tea packaging bags, also called tea composite packaging bags. Today YPAK will introduce to you some tea packaging bags
common sense.
 一、Types of tea packaging bags
1. There are many types of tea packaging bags. According to materials, they include nylon tea packaging bags, aluminum foil tea packaging bags, co-extruded tea packaging bags, composite film tea packaging bags, oil-proof paper tea packaging bags, kraft paper tea packaging bags, and tea accordion bags. , bulging bags, bulging tea bags, etc.








2.According to the printing method, it can be divided into printed tea packaging bags and non-printed tea packaging bags. Printed tea packaging bags mean that tea packaging bags with exquisite printed patterns are customized according to the customer's printing requirements. The packaging bags include tea-related ingredients, factory delivery, tea outline diagrams, etc. This type of packaging bag can attract customers and have the effect of advertising and promotion. Unprinted tea packaging bags can generally be used as vacuum packaging bags as inner tea packaging bags. Or it can be made into a large bag shape to package a large amount of tea. Unprinted tea packaging bags are generally relatively cheap and have no plate making fees.

 3.According to the classification of the bags produced, tea packaging bags can be made into three-side sealed tea packaging bags, three-dimensional tea packaging bags, linked tea packaging bags, true tea packaging bags, etc. These can be customized as per customer's requirements.

4.According to the different types of tea, it can be divided into: beauty and weight loss tea packaging bags, Kung Fu tea packaging bags, black tea packaging bags, black tea packaging bags, tea tea packaging bags, etc. Here, Shenzhen packaging bag manufacturers would like to add another knowledge point, which is the classification of tea:

According to different tea processing methods, it is divided into six categories: Black tea: such as Qihong, Dianhong, etc. Green tea: West Lake Longjing, Huangshan Maofeng, etc. White tea: White Peony, Gongmei, etc. Yellow tea: Junshan Silver Needle, Huoshan Yellow Tea, etc. Dark tea: Liubao tea, Fuzhuan tea, etc. Green tea: (also called oolong tea) Tieguanyin, Narcissus, etc.

Exported tea is divided into six categories: black tea, green tea, oolong tea, scented tea, white tea, and pressed tea.

Of course, there is another situation, that is, universal tea packaging bags. You do not need your own brand, just the universal tea packaging bags on the market.


一、The purpose of tea packaging bags

The purpose of tea packaging bags may need to be considered from many aspects. On the one hand, from a functional point of view, tea is packaged in packaging bags, such as vacuum packaging, so that the quality and fragrance of the tea are preserved, and the original fragrance of the tea is retained. It extends the shelf life of tea leaves and makes them less likely to deteriorate, go bad, taste bad, get damp, etc. On the other hand, tea is packaged in packaging bags to improve its quality and promote products.

三、Instructions for ordering tea packaging bags

1.When we need to order tea packaging bags,we need to know clearly what kind of tea packaging bags we need,whether they are aluminum foil bags,vacuum packaging bags,nylon bags,or others.

2.We  need to clearly know what kind of bag packaging we need.

3.What size do we need to order the tea packaging bags? Such as length, width, thickness, etc.


四、Basic functions of tea packaging bags

The normal state of vacuum tea packaging bags that have been sterilized by high temperature, high pressure, and sterilization is that the vacuum bags are well preserved, and the vacuum packaging bags are tightly adsorbed on the tea leaves, and are very shiny, clear, and transparent. If aluminum foil material is used, it has light-proof and high-grade properties.

Post time: Oct-19-2023