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How much do you know about valves in coffee packaging bags?

Many coffee bags today have a round, hard, perforated area called a one-way vent valve. This valve is used for a specific purpose. When coffee beans are freshly roasted, a large amount of gas is produced, mainly carbon dioxide (CO2), whose volume is about twice the volume of the coffee beans themselves. To ensure a longer shelf life and preserve the aroma of the coffee, roasted goods must be protected from oxygen, water vapor and light. The one-way vent valve was invented to solve this problem and has become an important part of delivering truly fresh whole-bean coffee packaging to consumers. Additionally, the valve has found many other applications outside of the coffee industry.


Main features:

1.Moisture Resistant: The packaging is designed to be moisture resistant, ensuring the contents inside remain dry and protected.

2.DURABLE CASE AND COST EFFECTIVE: The packaging is designed with longer service life in mind, saving shipping costs in the long run.

3.Freshness preservation: Packaging effectively maintains the freshness of the product, which is especially important for coffee that produces gas and needs to be isolated from oxygen and moisture.

4.Palletizing exhaust: This packaging is suitable for large quantities of flexible packaging, which can release excess air during the palletizing process, making it easier to store and transport.



YPAK packaging bags integrate the Swiss WIPF valve (a one-way coffee degassing valve) into various flexible packaging bags, such as laminated kraft paper bags, stand-up bags and flat bottom bags. The valve effectively releases excess gas produced after coffee is roasted while preventing oxygen from entering the bag. As a result, the flavor and aroma of the coffee are perfectly preserved, ensuring a pleasant aromatic experience for consumers.

Post time: Nov-01-2023